Nelson runner Tanya McMurtrie preparing for Antarctica marathon in cold store facility

Nelson runner Tanya McMurtrie is set to compete in the Antarctica marathon in March, using unique training regimes to prepare for the cold temperatures.

Only a few hundred contestants are allowed to compete in the marathon.

"Some people run over that finish line and they go 'I'm never going to do that again.' Well I ran over the finish line and my first thought was 'when am I going to do that again,'" said McMurtrie.

"I want to run a marathon in all seven continents so I have to run on Antarctica to tick off that goal."

McMurtrie will be taking her training inside a cold store facility next year.

"I guess right now it feels quite daunting but that is always the way when you start training for a marathon.

"I try not to let stuff like this freak me out because otherwise you will never finish."

McMurtrie is aiming to run a marathon in all seven continents. Source: 1 NEWS