Men's rowing pair suffer broken bones within days of each other – 'the chances are so incredibly slim'

For years, the all-conquering men's pair of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray dominated the rowing world but since their retirement, the boat has had its fair share of setbacks.

However, none are more bizarre than what the new men's duo of Tom Murray and Michael Brake have gone through after both had serious injuries within a week of each other.

"The chances of broken bones in the team are quite slim," Brake said.

"But the fact it was within five days and the same people in the boat - the chances are just so incredibly slim that we should be laughing."

Those Easter injuries have put medal chances in the men's pair under incredible pressure.

Brake needs plates to put his wrist back together, while a spill on a sea biscuit did the same to Murray's toes.

Murray is remaining positive though.

"They're not quite the same as they were a few months ago – there’s a couple of angles that have snuck in there but I’m functionally they're as good as anyone else's toes."

One thing on their side is that Brake and Murray have raced and trained together for 10 years so they’re confident they can quickly get back to speed when they race at the third world cup next month.

"We don't want to just be there racing we want to be there actually competing and in contention for medals," Brake said.

Tom Murray and Michael Brake managed to suffer similar injuries just five days apart, hampering their bid to replace legendary Murray and Bond. Source: 1 NEWS

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