Meet the young Kiwi sprinter turned Australia's fastest boy making waves in athletics all on his own

Meet the Kiwi who's now Australia's fastest boy.

Antonio Vaitohi cleaned up the Australian Athletic Champs in the 100m and 200m events against opponents years older than him without a coach or nearby track to train on. Source: 1 NEWS

Antonio Vaitohi cleaned up at the Australian Athletics Championships - despite torrential rain he won gold in the 200 metre event.

He also won the 100 metre event with a time of 11.52 seconds, all against opponents who were years older than him.

"We're not as well provided as some of the other kids with their own personal coaches, the luxuries of having their tracks nearby," Antonio said.

"Coming from the countryside, it's not natural that you see the country person as the fastest person in Australia."

The 13-year-old moved to Australia to live with his dad two years ago.

His mum, Paea Moeakiola, lives here and remembers dragging him out of bed to train in the morning.

"When I'd wake him up he was lazy but I said to him, 'son, you will know why I wake you up in the morning'," she said.

"He knows I did it for him."

There are no tracks or coaches in the Victorian city of Shepparton, so again he trains alone each morning in his street.

"I sprint from one end of the street to the other, and maybe do that for seven, eight times," he said.

"Sometimes I'll do more if I have time [but] I need to get to school."

Antonio's family is his biggest support base with siblings in New Zealand working overtime to pay for spikes and airfares but there's just one catch.

"I want to represent Australia in the Olympics," Antonio said.

Hopefully mum can talk him out of that one.