Meet the man who exposed Russia’s state-sponsored doping programme

Bryan Fogel is a name that may not ring any immediate bells but arguably he's responsible for one of modern sport's most historic moments.

It was his Academy Award-winning documentary Icarus which exposed Russia's state-sponsored doping scandal and put the wheels in motion for Russian athletes to be banned from the Rio Olympic Games.

But that wasn’t the original plot.

"I certainly didn't set out with the idea that I was going to expose arguably the single biggest scandal in Olympic and sporting history."

Initially out to prove whether he - as an amateur cyclist- could cheat the system using performance enhancing drugs, his journey, and that of his film, altered drastically after linking up with the head of Russia's anti-doping lab, Grigor Rodchenkov.

"I guess the stars aligned, and Greg and through our trust really ended up protecting each other."

During filming, the World Anti-Doping Agency began investigating allegations of doping by Russian athletes at the Sochi Winter Games, prompting Rodchenkov to resign and flee to America.

But that only bought Fogel and Rodchenkov closer together.

The Russian was able to reveal details of the most elaborate state-sponsored doping programme in history as a result.

"He had zero reason to lie to me," Fogel said.

"And our relationship was very open. So as he started coming forward with this information, I had no reason to doubt him."

His evidence forced WADA to probe deeper, leading to the McLaren report and Russia's eventual ban at the Rio Olympics.

But for the man who risked it all – Rodchenkov, who is still in protective custody - life may never be the same. Something Fogel says the Russian is okay with.

"He had no regret and has no regret. Ultimately this was his way out because the hole had been dug so deep that there was nowhere else to go."