Matty McLean gets America's Cup grinding tutorial from Blair Tuke

They used Olympic cyclists in Bermuda but now Team New Zealand may be looking to TVNZ 1's Breakfast for their next America's Cup campaign after Blair Tuke spent time training presenter Matty McLean this morning.

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The Team NZ sailor put the Breakfast weatherman through his paces. Source: Breakfast

McLean spent time with Tuke at Team New Zealand's base down at the Auckland Viaduct where he was put through his paces early on.

McLean was put on the exercise machine used by the team's grinders this morning, although he found out very quickly it's harder than it looks.

"How long do I have to do this for?" McLean said seconds into the exercise.

Tuke told McLean the team's grinders would work on the machine for "a few minutes" at a higher output than what he'd just put out before bluntly analysing the presenter's performance.

"Just looking at the power, you're doing about 450 watts there," Tuke said.

"It's not that good."

Tuke then twisted the knife by telling McLean the team's grinders would peak at around 1500 watts in comparison.

"You're a third of the way," Tuke joked.

Team New Zealand may have to look elsewhere to unearth some new talent then.