Luna Rossa launch second America's Cup boat under watchful eye of Team NZ

Luna Rossa has launched its second boat in Auckland this afternoon in a small ceremony on the waterfront - although there were a couple of rivals hanging around to catch a glimpse of it too.

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The Italians celebrated their AC75 finally hitting the water but they weren't the only ones present at its launch. Source: 1 NEWS

The Italian syndicate was the last of the three challengers to launch their second AC75 but skipper Max Sirena told media he wasn't fazed, with the new boat only upgraded with subtle changes from their first effort.

“To be honest, I think if you come up with something completely new, it means you were not happy with boat one. I think they were pretty happy with boat one,” Sirena said at the launch.

“I’m pleased with the fact that we saw the other two teams launch their boat twos, and we saw some familiarity with their designs, which means we did something well in boat one already.

“I’m pleased with the result we have now.”

Small changes to the Italian boat include a new deck layout for increased aerodynamics and more deck flare at the bow.

But Sirena pointed out it's the things people can't see - including spies out on the water - that makes the difference.

“It's not just what you see on the outside, it's what there is inside … Inside, this kind of boat is a monster."

With all three challengers' second boats launched, all eyes turn to Team New Zealand to see what they've got up their sleeves for their second design, with their boat launch expected to be in early November.

Sirena expects whatever it is, it'll be innovative.

“If you look in the past they always come up with something new. They're pretty smart, and pretty talented.”

But Sirena and Luna Rossa won't worry about that for a while, with the Waitematā Harbour calling.

“I'm really looking forward to going sailing in the next few days. It’s already been an amazing adventure that we hope is going to end up in the best way possible over the next few months."