Lisa Adams, sister of Dame Val, determined to forge own path to Paralympic glory - 'She won't put me on the podium'

Lisa Adams isn't expecting her road to the Paralympics to be easy - even if her world champion and three-time Olympic medalist sister Dame Valerie is coaching her.

In fact, she's hoping results will speak for themselves on her road to to Tokyo, rather than her last name.

"Everyone has those expectations like, 'you have the same last name and your sister has done this so you're automatically going to do this'," Lisa said.

"Having your coach be world champion and stuff is going to get you medals and stuff - it's not the way it works."

The sisters have been quiet about their training after Lisa picked up a shot put for the first time 12 months ago but she has made impressive progress.

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    For the past year the Kiwi champ has been coaching her younger sister, who has cerebral palsy. Source: 1 NEWS

    Although, the younger Adams sister does admit throwing with cerebral palsy does have its difficulties.

    "Range of movement's affected, speed's affected... I fatigue faster on that side - less coordinated, weak."

    But despite the issues, the pair are making it work, with Dame Valerie's unyielding coaching style leading to an ever-adapting training programme.

    "She trains me like she trains herself," Lisa said.

    "We're always open to trying new things. She's really firm but understanding because she's learned about my CP along the way so if she wants to explore something new, we'll try it.

    "We just do stuff until we can't."

    The para-athlete is now 45 centimetres off the F37 world record and eyeing glory in Tokyo in 2020.

    But she knows she's still got a long way to go and she'll have to do some of it alone.

    "At the end of the day, it's still up to me to work my ass off, I've got to get myself there.

    "Her being like, 'this is my sister' isn't going to put me on the podium."

    Lisa, who has cerebral palsy, says her sister being a world champion and Olympic hero won't get her on the podium. Source: 1 NEWS

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