Laurel Hubbard bows out of Olympics without completing a lift

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has fallen out of the Olympics without successfully completing a snatch attempt.

The three failed attempts meant Hubbard was eliminated from the competition with a did not finish marker.

The 42-year-old lost control of her first attempt of 120kg on the way up, dropping the bar behind her. It appeared she completed her second attempt of 125kg, but the judges disagreed, ruling she had pressed the bar up rather than lifting it cleanly.

On her final attempt, again at 125kg, she failed to control the bar again and it crashed to the mat behind her. She gave a wave and smile to the crowd before exiting the competition.

Laurel Hubbard drops the bar during her snatch attempt at the Tokyo Olympics. Source: Associated Press

After the competition, Hubbard said she was disappointed in her performance.

"From a sporting perspective I haven't really hit the standards that I've put upon myself and perhaps the standards of my country has expected of me.

"But one of the things for which I am so profoundly grateful is the supporters in New Zealand that give me so much love and encouragement. I wish I could thank them all and thank you to everyone who's helped me along this journey."

Hubbard thanked Japan for finding a way to host the Olympic Games in the midst of a pandemic, as well as the IOC for their support of her inclusion as a transgender athlete.

“They [the IOC] have reaffirmed their commitment to the principles of Olympism. They've demonstrated that sport is something for all people around the world to do. It’s inclusive, it’s accessible and I think that’s just really fabulous.

She also thanked the New Zealand Olympic Committee for their support during "difficult times".

"I know that my participation at these Games has not been entirely without controversy but I think that they [the NZOC] have just been so wonderful. They've been such a help and I'm so grateful to them all."

Back home, Hubbard immediately received messages of support despite her underwhelming performance.

"We’re incredibly proud of the way Laurel has represented Aotearoa on the world stage, with humility and grace in the face of such disgusting hatred," the organisers of Auckland Pride said on social media.

"Regardless of the result, she’s the strongest one on that stage."

World record holder Wenwen Li, of China, easily won gold, setting an Olympic record in both the snatch and clean and jerk, for a total of 320kg.

Emily Jade Campbell of Great Britain won silver, while the USA's Sarah Elizabeth Robles took the bronze.

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