Kiwi UFC star Israel Adesanya calls himself 'the black Kiwi, the real All Black' - wants title fight with Aussie Robert Whittaker

Adesanya says his hate for US rival Derek Brunson is genuine and he predicts he will finish him in the first round or second round. Source: 1 NEWS

Outspoken Kiwi UFC star Israel Adesanya says winning his next bout should put him in line for a shot at the middleweight title.

The 29-year-old is unbeaten in his MMA career and has had three wins in the UFC.

Adesanya says once he dispatches his next American rival Derek Brunson, he wants a shot at Australian champion Robert Whittaker.

"After this fight I might just get the belt after Whittaker verses Kelvin (Gastelum) and do it at Spark Arena,"said Adesanya.

"I already said it, that's how I see it happening. So me, Robert, if he holds onto it (middleweight title) – Spark Arena, that's going to be sick.

"The Aussie verse the black Kiwi, the All Black you understand – the real All Black."

Adesanya told 1 NEWS after his MMA training in Auckland that his feud with Brunson is real and that the American will be in for a rude awakening in their fight scheduled for November at UFC 230 in New York.

"He's just a little b****. I've got more heat for him, he's a guy - like anything I do he's like 'me too,'" he said.

Brunson and Adesanaya's ongoing battle online began after the US fighter called out the Nigeria-born Kiwi in a video he posted on social media.

"I put out a meme he puts out a s****** meme, I embarrass him at the bar he tries to embarrass me in a s****** way at the bar.

"I can make him do what I want to in a fight, I can make him jab when I want to I can make him dance when I want to."

The two faced off last week at press conference in Los Angeles and were separated by the UFC president Dana White in their stare down.

"If not for Dana being in front of us he was like already leaning in with his chin up. I came out there and established my distance straight away.

"I put my hand on his chest and that could have been his chin, you know I could have snapped him like that.

"But I am not going to hit him I want to knock him out and get paid, he's already told me physically and subconsciously what he is going to do so I can't wait.

"I really want to punish him up until the second round but don't even know if he can last the first honestly."

Adesanya's fight is on the same card as Nate Diaz who is the co-main event, Diaz is set to fight third-ranked lightweight Dustin Poirier.

It is the first time Diaz has fought in the UFC since he suffered a majority decision defeat to Conor McGregor two years ago.