Kiwi sailing duo undertake unconventional self-isolation

The 18-foot skiff championship on Sydney Harbour is likely to be the last Kiwi sporting title for the forseeable future.

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The trio didn’t have any time to celebrate as the were straight home and into a very different isolation. Source: 1 NEWS

Team Honda Marine from New Zealand, with Dave McDiarmid, Matt Steven and Brad Collins, has won the event three years in a row and has become somewhat of a prodigy in the 18-foot skiff class.

Although the regatta win occurs upon the backdrop of a global coronavirus pandemic, Steven and Collins are still able to see the magnitude of their accomplishments.

"Quite mixed emotions over there, with all the circumstances it still didn't take away the specialness of the event," said Steven.

Collins said "this is our gold medal, this is our Everest, thats how important it is to us."

Celebration was kept to a minimum though with Steven and Collins returning to New Zealand with the lockdown going into full effect.

The pair entered isolation upon their arrival in a manner which most would consider unconventional.

As soon as they arrived Steven and Collins grabbed a family boat and headed to Great Barrier Island where they will stay until the level four alert level is lifted.

With the lockdown expected to last at least four weeks, the duo are more than prepared with six months worth of diesel.

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David, Matt and Brad may be the last sporting team to have any success for the foreseeable future. Source: 1 NEWS

Food won't be an issue either as Steven and Collins adjust to life at sea.

"We've got quite a bit of food, we're learning how to fish really, really fast."

Steven and Collins have made it clear that self-isolation at sea was their only accommodation option at the time and they are abiding regulations issued by Maritime New Zealand and acting responsibly in regard to the lockdown with the boat moored.