Kiwi powerlifter handed four-year ban after positive test for dangerous banned drug




A Kiwi powerlifter has received a four-year ban from all sport after returning a positive doping test at a New Zealand tournament earlier this year.

Weightlifting weights.

Weightlifting weights.

Source: Photosport

Dylan Turner was given a the hefty suspension by the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand following his failed test at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Powerlifting Championships in April 2018.

Turner tested positive for GW1516, also known as Endurobol or GW501516 - a substance which is prohibited in sports at all times.

GW1516 was a developmental drug that was withdrawn from research when serious toxicities were identified, leading the World Anti-doping Agency and other anti-doping organisations to issued warnings against its use due to concerns regarding athlete health.

Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive Nick Paterson says the deliberate nature of Turner's actions meant the maximum ban available was applied.

"It is hugely disappointing that, after researching this product, Mr Turner decided the potential rewards outweighed the risks of being caught. He is now paying the price for that. Mr Turner also put his own health at risk in taking this substance."

Turner's ban was backdated to the date of sample collection due his admission.

He is banned from participating in all sport until 20 April 2022.

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