Kiwi pole-vaulter Olivia McTaggart's pole snaps mid-jump

Kiwi pole-vaulter Olivia McTaggart was able to walk away without any significant damage, after her pole snapped during a jump at the Vertical Pursuit in Auckland.

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McTaggart was thankfully able to walk away from the incident in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

In a moment that left everyone in attendance stunned, McTaggart's pole gave out during a jump on Auckland's Federal Street, attempting to clear 4.40m.

Initially in pain, McTaggart did get back up and attempt another jump, before being checked by medics.

Speaking to 1 NEWS afterwards, McTaggart opened up about the ordeal.

"It kinda sucks that it happened, but these things happen - you've just got to get through it," she said.

"It was really painful afterwards, the amount of shock that goes through the poles is crazy.

"Afterwards, my physio was talking to me and I just thought I've got this. I've got to go for these last two attempts, I can't finish on a pole break and then mentally be like that when I get back on pole."