Kiwi pole vaulter Eliza McCartney finishes fourth at Diamond League in Switzerland

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of today's Diamond League women's pole vault event at Lausanne, Switzerland.

7.37am: Kiwi pole vaulter Eliza McCartney is up for her final attempt at 4.82m and she is unsuccessful and finishes in a tie for fourth place.

7.34am: Russian Anna Sidorova pushes Eliza McCartney into fourth spot after she becomes the third person to clear 4.82m. 

7.31am: American Jennifer Suhr is in second place with Katerina Stefanidi of Greece in first after Suhr cleared 4.82m in her second attempt, Eliza McCartney has only one attempt left at 4.82m.

7.29am: Eliza McCartney is up for her second attempt at the height of 4.82m, but she misses out again at clearing the height.

7.27am: Katerina Stefanidi of Greece is the first of the atheltes to clear 4.82m in her second attempt and she is now on top in first place. 

7.23am: All seven athletes including Kiwi Eliza McCartney fail to clear 4.82m on their first attempts.

7.18am: Only seven athletes remain in the competition after Australian Nina Kennedy failed to clear 4.42m and Robeilys Peinado of Venezuela failed to clear 4.52m. American Katie Nageotte and Nikoleta Kiriakopulou of Greece are out of the event after failing to clear 4.62m.

7.08am: Eliza McCartney clears 4.72m and remains at the top of the leaderboard. She hits the bar on the way up with her thigh, the bar wobbles a bit but stays in place. American Sandi Morris and Katerina Stefanidi of Greece have also cleared 4.72m.

6.56am: Kiwi pole vaulter Eliza McCartney is up and she nails her first attempt at 4.62m and currently sits in first place.

6.53am: Katerina Stefanidi of Greece and Cuban pole vaulter Yarisley Silva are the new leaders after they clear 4.62m in their first attempt at the new height.

6.50am: American pole vaulter Katie Nageotte misses her first attempt at 4.62m, she had the height to clear the bar - she just mistimed her run and where she launched from. The bar comes down after she makes heavy contact with it.


Cuban pole vaulter Yarisley Silva sits in third place after nailing her first attempt 4.52m, she sits behind Russian Anna Sidorova who sits in at second place behind American leader Sandi Morris. 


The competitors are starting at a height of 4.27m and Eliza McCartney won't be making an attempt. She is set to skip the heights of 4.27m, 4.42m and 4.52m according to the official Diamond League site.

Kiwi pole vaulter Eliza McCartney will be up against fellow Olympic medallists American Sandi Morris and Katerina Stefanidi of Greece.

Last month McCartney broke her own national record, clearing 4.92m at a competition in Germany.

Eliza McCartney of New Zealand during the Women's pole vault qualifying heat on day 1 of the IAAF Athletics World Championships in London, England. 4 August 2017.
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Eliza McCartney, (file) Source: Photosport

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