Kiwi Olympians not all rushing for Covid-19 vaccine with just 100 days until Tokyo Games

With 100 days to go until the Tokyo Olympics, attention is now turning to the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine for New Zealand’s athletes.

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Some have already had the jab but not everyone has been as quick to roll up their sleeves. Source: 1 Sport

Some who are heading offshore to compete in the build-up to Tokyo have already had the jab, while others will have it over the next month or so - but not everyone competing is rolling up their sleeve straight away.

New Zealand Olympic Committee CEO Kereyn Smith told 1 NEWS they have a pretty simple outlook currently when it comes to the vaccine.

“Our absolute commitment is to get as many people vaccinated as we can.”

Some of those going have already had it, including sailors and rowers while others like Black Ferns Sevens player Stacey Fluhler are counting down until they get it.

“Anything to help keep us, keep our team, keep our environment safe,” Fluhler said.

“I'll be ready for it.”

The NZOC confirmed vaccination for athletes won't be mandatory so others like surfer Ella Williams who are still unsure won’t feel pressure.

Williams told 1 NEWS she’s considering the vaccine and researching before she makes a decision but part of her doubt stems from the idea of putting a foreign substance in her body.

“As athletes, we're all so cautious about what we take,” she said.

“What we put in our mouths, what we put in our bodies - we do have to be very careful and very smart about what we do take.”

Smith said the NZOC is working with those who are unsure about the vaccine.

“We're just gradually working through that process and also making sure that in the event that they're unsure about the vaccine, what difference will it make for the health and wellbeing for them, the team, Japanese people and New Zealanders on their return.”