Kiwi NFL player Paul Lasike sets new goal to make active roster for Chicago Bears




Kiwi NFL player Paul Lasike has set a new goal in 2017 - to cement his position in the Chicago Bears' active roster.

Lasike was dropped by the Cardinals in 2015 but last year signed a two-year deal with the Bears.
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Lasike, 26, has had a roller-coaster ride in the NFL after being cut from the Cardinals in 2015 before being contracted to the Chicago Bears last year.

The stocky fullback hopes to go one better this year and make the active roster in the NFL for the Bears, having spent last season in the training squad. 

"This season I want to be on the active roster the whole season, that's my goal," said Lasike.

"Last season I set a goal to make the 53-man squad and that’s what I did. I was down for about 17 weeks.

"Being on the practice squad you don't play or travel. I just want to make it through a full season on the active roster and go from there."

Paul Lasike is on the Chicago Bears' roster and says NRL enforcer Taumalolo could cover multiple positions if he switched to American Football.
Source: 1 NEWS

Lasike says his transition from rugby to American Football wasn't easy but says coaches in the sport liked his physical presence.

"They (football coaches) like the attitude and physicality that rugby players bring. They like the aggression and athleticism."

Lasike is currently in the country on holiday with family but will return to training with the Bears in April for off-season practice.

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