Kiwi ice hockey goalie makes history with her performances for US college

Ice hockey isn't a major sport here, that's what makes this achievement for a Kiwi player that much more special.

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Young Aucklander Grace Harrison has been named national goal keeper of the month in the US where she plays for an elite university in New York state. Source: 1 NEWS

Grace Harrison has been named national goalie of the month in the USA where she plays for St Lawrence university in New York state.

She faced 101 attempts last month, stopping 98 of them and that's seen her named the best female goalie in the USA.

Although in typically kiwi fashion, she's playing it down.

“Pretty cool but the stat major in me would probably tell you that the sample size was a little bit too small for it to mean a whole lot,” she said.

The Saint Lawrence goalie is being modest, in January she had the lowest "goals against" average in the whole USA, saving 97 percent of all shots taken at her.

The fact that she's a kiwi makes it more special, ice hockey's hardly a mainstream sport here.

“There's a lot of different countries represented in the league so that's cool but generally not from Australasia.”

We first met Harrison four years ago, when she was about to head off to New York, the first New Zealander to win an ice hockey scholarship to a division one school

She's now a senior at Saint Lawrence and even she admits things have gone much better than expected, the 21-year-old's set a number of programme records including most shutouts in a season.

“I came here when I committed the goal kind of was to be hopefully getting a bit of ice time by junior year so to be in my fourth year and to have played quite substantial minutes has been just crazy really.”

Harrison's team will compete in their conference finals next month, before she graduates.

Her skills are sure to come in handy for the Ice Blacks in the future.