Kiwi fighter Israel Adesanya on UFC rise - 'I've been hungry and I'm eating good now'

Kiwi middleweight UFC fighter Israel Adesanya is not letting himself get caught up with all the hype in mixed martial arts circles and social media, after he annihilated his opponent with a second round TKO victory in Perth on Sunday in his UFC debut.

Adesanya, 28, born in Nigeria had the MMA world talking with his sensational striking performance at UFC 221, stopping his Australian rival Rob Wilkinson via stoppage in the second round.

After the fight Adesanya said his social media blew up.

"Yeah social media jumped up and for me a lot of people can get caught up in that, even myself," said Adesanya.

"I've always said this for years, I'm very objective, I'm an objective individual."

He also earned a fight night bonus of $50,000 for "Performance of the Night".

"I'm constantly wondering even if I ever think or feel anything like envy or some type of emotion, I always question where it comes from so like why?

"I'm objective about myself so I kind of see how people can get lost in all this s**t," said Adesanya.

"Because guess what? If I didn't win in the weekend you guys wouldn't be here, so I know that is in the back of my head.

"You are only as good as your last fight."

He is looking to fight again in the octagon in March or April.

"I've been up and down in this game many times and only a few people have helped me get to this point.

"Right now I'm just taking it for what it is take each day as it comes, one day at a time.

"You can't complain about having a lot on your plate, when your plan is to eat. I've been hungry and I'm eating good now."

Adesanya has a record of 12-0 in MMA.

The Nigerian born fighter made a remarkable UFC debut in Perth on Sunday with a TKO win. Source: 1 NEWS