Kiwi driver Ash Blewett gives NZ track a quick lap before heading to Bathurst


Winning a motor racing championship is a huge reward in itself but this weekend Kiwi driver Ash Blewett is claiming the prize that goes with the title - competing at Australia's legendary Bathurst circuit in the curtain-raiser to the V8's.

The 26-year-old was the winner of the Toyota 86 Championship.

"Just to be there is a fantastic opportunity but to be able to go round in a race is another thing altogether so it's going to be huge," Blewett said.

Blewett has a degree in mechanical engineering and is top of the 2016 class at Hampton Downs after he won the Toyota 86 championship.

"I really enjoy the physics behind the motorsport thing and I like to have a really thorough understanding of everything that's going on and I think it helps me to be methodical," Blewett added.

Toyota series manager Geoff Short says the 26-year-old is a special talent.

"Ash is very analytical and he thinks about things," he said. "He's not only fast but his positioning of the car - he's done some moves last season that I thought were absolutely incredible."

While Australian cars look the same, they have different tyres, brakes and suspension which makes for a lively drive on the famous mountain.

"It will change how the car feels on the track and that's going to be quite important because Bathurst Mount Panorama is a really unforgiving track," Blewett said.

And he isn't the only curious Kiwi with 48-year-old Bathurst rookie John Penney excited but anxious.

"I'm very wary of how unforgiving that track is," Penney said. "I mean it has claimed many a good driver over the years so I am very wary of that for sure."

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