Kiwi divers get early glimpse of Olympics lifestyle under shadow of coronavirus

With the Olympics looming and Tokyo in a state of emergency, many are wondering how on earth an international event will be staged there in less than three months.

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A world cup diving event is currently being held at the same venue that will be used for the Tokyo Games. Source: 1 NEWS

However, a couple of Kiwis may have some insight with a world cup at the diving venue in Tokyo currently taking place which they’re a part of.

For 10m platform diver Nathan Brown, life at the moment consists of eating, sleeping, competing and spitting into a tube for a daily Covid-19 test.

“Everyone is wearing masks everywhere,” Brown said.

“Everyone is separating as much as they can and everyone is keeping to themselves trying not to catch Covid.”

That goal isn’t so easy with 220 athletes from 46 countries in Tokyo for the world cup, making things behind the scenes at this year’s event very different.

“We have our own designated room at the pool,” NZ Diving judge Lisa Wright said.

“We have our own separate entrance, we've got our own elevator.

“Some really strict measures have been put in place to ensure we don't use anything that the public are using.”

Tokyo is in a state of emergency, meaning athletes such as Brown and officials like Wright are only allowed in their hotel room or at the venue.

Despite the precautions, there has already reportedly been some scares with a coach testing positive on arrival and a venue cleaner also contracting Covid.

Regardless, much like the mindset of Olympic organisers, the competition has soldiered on.

Wright said she feels safe too despite the hiccups.

“Being here and seeing what they've put in place and how fantastic it's been, it makes me feel really confident that the Games are going to go ahead.”