Kiwi cyclist preparing for World Championship race in her living room

Tomorrow morning Ella Harris will be representing New Zealand on the world stage, from the comfort of her own living room.

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Ella Harris will take part in the UCI Esport World Championships from the comfort of her own home. Source: 1 NEWS

Not only that, she'll be doing it at the crack of dawn, 2:40am to be exact, when the UCI Esport World Championships gets underway.

"It's actually really bizarre, it's a world championship run by the UCI, and there's a rainbow jersey on the line which is one of the most coveted prizes for cycling."

"Yet I'll be in my own living room with no atmosphere no hype, just me, so it's a little bit strange but also really cool technology has come such a long way."

The race will see riders take on a virtual 50km circuit against opponents from all around the world in real time using cycling technology, Zwift.

The early wake up though has thrown a spanner in the works but she says she'll take the race as it comes.

"I'm not feeling great about it to be honest, I'd be feeling very excited for the race if it was at 2:30 in the afternoon."

Non the less the inaugural UCI Esport World Championship shows the growing relationship between sport and technology.

Harris believes event has a future and says it's should be considered as a separate category with the potential to be an Olympic event.

"Well break dancing has just been added (to the Olympics) so, anything is possible!"

"It's a different sort of discipline, it's not trying to be like road cycling so there's no point in comparing it because it's so different."

"I'm more of a road rider that like to dabble in indoor events when they come along."

"There are lots of differences like, the fact that you're by yourself, you're not moving around, you're stationary on a bike."

In any case the event will go a long way to test her leg after breaking it in August in Italy.

Harris says her fitness is not at 100 per cent but she is tracking well for tomorrow's race.