Kiwi cyclist George Bennett grabs seventh placed finish despite being hit by car

Kiwi George Bennett has produced one of the most remarkable rides of his career, finishing seventh in the first stage of the Tour of the Alps - despite being hit by a car 24 hours before the race.

Bennett, 28, collided with a car during a training ride on the eve of the Tour of the Alps in Italy, skidding over the roof and lucky to walk away with no serious damage.

"It was a very lucky escape, very lucky considering what could have been," he said pre-race.

"I didn't even get a finger on the brake. I just went full whack into the side. If it had been a bigger car and I hadn't been able to go over the top of him I would've been completely stuffed.

"It was a pretty small car and it had roof racks on. I managed to get my body over but my legs caught the roof racks and pulled them straight off."

The Tour of the Alps will serve as good warm up for Bennett, with the Kiwi rider building up to this year's Giro d'Italia.

George Bennett after Olympic road race
George Bennett after the Olympic road race in Rio. Source: Photosport