Kiwi Commonwealth Games weightlifting champ challenges Team NZ to host nationwide search for next America's Cup team


New Zealand weightlifter Richie Patterson wants in on Team New Zealand’s America's Cup defence.

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games gold medallist has been so engrossed in the America's Cup victory, he's practicing to become a cyclor – the new sailing position created by the Kiwi sailing team and their revolutionary pedal-powered boat.

Patterson wants Team NZ to host a nationwide trial to find the next cyclor talent, although one of the originals aboard Aotearoa in Bermuda warns it’s not as easy as it looks.

"Actually pedalling is one thing, but running across the boat at 40 knots is another thing," former Olympic cyclist Simon Van Velthooven said.

"It's a pretty hard job. There’s a lot of other team members specialised in their role."

Patterson even made a TradeMe post listing his "experienced" quads for sale for the defence, or acquisition, of the Auld Mug.

The auction didn’t quite go to plan though with his wife beating out two other bidders for the grand sum of $11.

Before he can get any more serious about the America's Cup bid, Patterson wants to go back-to-back with golden results at next year's Gold Coast Games, in what he's confirmed will be his last Commonwealth Games.

"I'm not one to just turn up and participate," he said.

"I know around the world those other athletes are looking to topple me on the Commonwealth podium, so I'm going to be working hard."

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