Joseph Parker wants UK crowds 'yelling out for more' after Hughie Fury fight

Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker says he needs to put in a good showing against Hughie Fury later this month, in order to raise his profile in the UK.

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While currently the WBO title holder, Parker is next to unknown in the UK, having not faced high profile British opposition until coming up against Fury on September 23.

The unbeaten Parker though, is aiming to change that, appearing on Sky Sports UK to promote the bout.

"We want to get exposure here in the UK and make sure that everyone knows who we are," he told 1 NEWS.

"We're not that well known here at the moment, only boxing fans would know who we are."

Parker also says that he wants to have English fans clamouring for him after the fight with Fury.

"I want them cheering 'go Joe, go Joe'."

"It's very important to put in a good performance - which I'm going to do - and then have them yelling out for more."

The Kiwi heavyweight is trying to build his profile in England. Source: 1 NEWS