Joseph Parker to face Brit Derek Chisora in his first fight under new trainer

Joseph Parker has confirmed his first fight with his new team will be against British heavyweight Derek Chisora on May 2nd (NZ time).

Joseph Parker (right) and Derek Chisora. Source: Photosport

Chisora said the fight the pair had postponed at short notice in October 2019 was because Parker was scared.

"We've been here before, in 2019, I flew to Vegas to film a face-to-face with Parker. I called [David] Haye as soon as I left and told him 'This guy isn't going to get in the ring with me', I could see the fear in his eyes,” Chisora told the UK’s Sky Sports.

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"Now, second time around I hope he fights. I'm looking forward to the fight, I cannot wait to get back in the ring! I love fighting, it is what I love the most. Good luck to Joseph Parker and his new team, we shall see you for war on May 1.”

Parker said he was developing a bond with new trainer, Englishman Andy Lee, after parting ways with longtime cornerman Kevin Barry following the win over Junior Fa in Auckland in February.

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"I've settled in and Andy and I are bonding well. Chisora and I have unfinished business and inside the ring one of us will get the job done,” Parker told the UK’s Sky Sports.

"I am well aware that a win on British soil and on world-wide television will put me in pole position whereas a loss will be catastrophic. I am more than up for the challenge. Bring it on Del Boy."