Joseph Parker defeats Derek Chisora by split decision

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of this morning's bout between Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora in Manchester, England.

Joseph Parker's career alive after victory over Derek Chisora, but killer instinct still lacking


"It was a tough fight, I got caught right at the beginning...I had to dig deep," Parker says.

"It was a very close fight. I thought it could go either way.

"There's a lot of things I have to work on...There's still a lot I can show, I need to keep working with Andy."

Chisora is not happy with this result at all.

"I bring everything, and this is the treatment I get from boxing," an angry Chisora says.

"This is unbelievable. Even his coach Andy Lee said I won the fight."

"I put in more power punches and inside work. I won't let them slow me down, I will go again. I will not let them win."

Parker sends his love back to his family and everyone back in New Zealand, and the two men shake hands on a rematch at some point down the line.


Will Parker regret not showing more aggression and throwing more punches, especially late in the final round when he had Chisora on the ropes. It was a very close fight, certainly a tale of two halves.

Parker takes it on a split decision! Gee that was close!


Chisora is told by his trainer to get points, and he comes out swinging with a couple of big blows. Parker comes back as the clock ticks down to a minute. He lands a couple of big blows to force Chisora onto the ropes, but the Brit comes back. Thirty seconds left, and Chisora is wrapping him. Parker is unable to get any more blows in and we go to a points decision!


Parker lands another combo, and then another, forcing Chisora onto the ropes, but the Brit remains standing. Parker's combinations continue to land late in the round, but we are going the distance here!


Parker lands a couple of quick combos early in the round. Chisora's head has stopped moving, but Parker can't quite land the killer blow. The bell goes, but Parker still looks to have plenty of energy, while Chisora looks absolutely exhausted.


Parker is looking to wear down Chisora now. He really looks a lot fresher Parker, and has the intent of a man ready to throw a knockout punch. Chisora has barely thrown a punch this round. The fatigue really looks to have set in. The bell goes and one feels Parker has to take advantage now.


Chisora continues to target the body but his feet have slowed. Parker keeps his distance, and jabs. Parker lands a couple of nice combos in the final minute of the round, and both men go hell for leather in the dying seconds. The bell sounds just as it looked like a knockout might be coming.


Parker continues to dance around the ring, keeping Chisora moving, and throwing jabs when he can. Chisora is continuing to try and land body shots, but the power looks to have disappeared compared to the early rounds.

Parker throws a brilliant combination, striking Chisora multiple times in the head and pushing him onto the ropes. The bell goes, Chisora survives, but Parker is beginning to turn the screw now.


Parker is looking good now, he looks fresh, and he's beginning to attack Chisora a lot more. The Brit looks like his defence is slowly beginning to break down, but lands an uppercut himself to remind Parker the fight is anything but over.

The bell goes at the midway point of the fight. Chisora likely has the edge so far, due to his strong start, but Parker has looked reinvigorated in the last two rounds, and can take this fight if he keeps it up.


The advice seems to have been taken on board, Parker keeping some separation and jabbing Chisora. Parker is working his way back into this fight now, he looks a lot more fleet-footed and energetic in this round. Chisora is not fatigued yet, but Parker will have a good chance of a win if he can keep it up.


Chisora continues trying to wear down Parker, going for the body and forcing Parker to smother him. Parker's defence wanes just for a second, and Chisora lands another big right hand. Parker counters though with an uppercut. The bell goes, and Lee tells Parker he needs to be faster on his feet.


Chisora comes out swinging again and lands another big right hand while Parker leans on the ropes. The two trade quick jabs as the clock ticks down. Parker lands a decent strike, much to the delight of trainer Andy Lee.


Parker keeps Chisora moving around the ring. The Brit looks intent on trying to line up a killer punch, but Parker keeps him at bay, landing a couple of quick jabs.

Chisora lands a strong right hook, but Parker is unfazed. Chisora lands another, and Parker looks intent on just trying to survive. Chisora well on top in this round.


Chisora comes out hard, and is down on the mat within the first ten seconds! He's fine though and the fight continues.

Parker gets a few quick jabs going, and is really working his way back into this round well. The bell goes, pretty even but Parker looks to have taken control after the initial scare.


So despite all the drama yesterday, Chisora walks out first to the tune of The Eagles' Hotel California. Not a whole lot of theatrics as he enters the ring. There's no crowd remember due to Covid-19, so the arena is virtually empty.

Parker comes out now to the much more upbeat tune of Can't Be Stopped by Roy Jones Jr. Parker looks confident, dancing and skipping his way to the ring.


Joseph Parker (right) and Derek Chisora. Source: Photosport

This is a huge day for the career of both Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora.

If Parker wins, he will get back into contention for a shot at the World Heavyweight title. If not, his road back to the top may be all but over.

For Chisora, a loss tonight could end his career.

This is also Parker's first fight under new trainer Andy Lee, after Parker split with longtime trainer Kevin Barry earlier this year following Parker's narrow victory over Junior Fa.

Parker has the reach and the height over Chisora, but does he have that knockout punch?

Age: 29
Height: 1.93m
Weight: 109kg
Reach: 1.93m
Record: 28-2 (21 KOs)
KO%: 70
Rounds boxed: 177
Ranking: WBO 3, IBF 6, WBA 6

From: Great Britain
Age: 37
Height: 1.87m
Weight: 115kg
Reach: 1.88m
Record: 32-10 (23 KOs)
KO%: 54.76
Rounds boxed: 268
Ranking: WBC 15