Joseph Parker to bring out 'mongrel' and willing to fight 'dirty' in upcoming bout

Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker says he has taken lessons from his two losses earlier this year and that he has added dirty boxing to his arsenal.

Parker lost to world champion Anthony Joshua in April in Cardiff by decision and also was knocked down twice in a decision loss to Dillian Whyte in London in July.

The 26-year-old is set to fight Alexander Flores in a fortnight in Christchurch, with Parker saying his opponent will experience first-hand being roughed up in the inside.

"I think being nice outside of the ring and being nice in the ring, it doesn't work," said Parker.

"So if I have to punch him in the balls, I'll punch him in the balls. If I have to elbow his face, I will.

"Come fight night if he tries to do any dirty tricks I’ll counter with dirtier ones."

"I feel it is something we have to do you know, you not only have to box smart but you have to be ruthless inside the ring."

Parker is currently in Las Vegas finishing up his fight camp before making his way to New Zealand for his December 15 showdown with Flores.

"I feel that it's important to be an all-rounded fighter, I can be good technically but I also got to be good at roughing it up in there and wrestling.

"I think it is just adding another extra thing to the arsenal that we already have."

Flores in a US/Mexican fighter with a record of 17 wins, with 15 wins by way of knockout. He has one loss and one draw in professional resume.

"We've always talked about being more aggressive and not being Mr nice guy but haven't really shown it in camp, if you're not showing it in camp how are you going to show it in a fight.

"So now we are seeing it more in camp so I think when fight night comes it’s not something that we are not familiar with."

Parker has a record of 24 wins and two losses in his professional boxing career.

The Kiwi’s looking to bounce back from two losses when he faces Alexander Flores next month. Source: Supplied