Joseph Parker barrage wears down brave Bergman

Follow all the knockout action from Apia, Samoa as Joseph Parker acccounted for American southpaw Jason Bergman in eight rounds.

PARKER WINS! Finally, Bergman caves and it was the sheer magnitude of shots that got him in the finish. What a warrior.

Round 7: Parker lands a crushing body shot to Bergman's right and he gets the count, using all the time to recuperate. This just keeps on going......

Round 6: Well, this is a test for Parker, a test for his patience and ability to finish a tough cookie off. Bergman takes two knees in that round and Parker getting a little puffed in the humidity.

Round 5: Bergman's mum won't enjoy watching this! Getting punished and Parker brings out a wild right hand out of the kitbag that threatens to end the fight if it connects.

Round 4: Parker works the body with regularity and Bergman to his credit is surviving. Parker is using this as a training exercise for future southpaws?

Round 3: Bergman hanging in by a thread as Parker toys with him around the ring. A handful of clean rights crept through the weakening defence and the southpaw looks stuffed.

Round 2: Parker knocks Bergman down and it's a matter of when not if now. A left hook sneaks through the gloves and the American goes reeling backwards. Parker's fight.

Round 1: Some hard shots to the body of Bergman who surprised Parker early with a cheeky right. Parker slowly warming into his work and the speed and power is obvious. Bergman may regret his relentless taunting.

MAIN EVENT: The headline acts are in the ring. We're a minute or two away.......

BUTTABEAN WINS! Great effort to reach the final round by Tevago who was stuffed by the second minute. Pelted with clumsy shots, the Palmy superhero and father of seven was worthy of the biggest cheers of the night so far. The Bean too experienced and had a better handle on the fight. 

Fight Six: Silivelio Pekepo-Tevago aka Batman comes out ahead of Dave Letele aka Brown Buttabean. How's the Bean gonna go in 98% humidity and temperatures over 30 degrees celsius??

TAI WINS! Jordan Tai worked over Iapesa for the duration then powered home with three knockdowns, the last a brutal uppercut to a prone Iapesa. Ungainly but effective from the former kickbox world champ who used his physical advantages well, his overhand right constantly dangerous.

Fight Five: Kiwi Jordan Tai meets with Samoan welterweight champ Toni Iapesa in the fifth fight of the night. Every bout has gone the distance thus far. Any chance of a KO?

FERETI WINS! The upset shocks the winner himself as he gets the split decision......Fight of the night hands down as the well drilled Fuiava is shocked into action by the energy and unorthodox style of Fereti who grows another leg. Some busy flurries from both boxers in the last round as Fuiava chased what was a dead-even bout that went to the underdog. Great scrap.

Fight Four: 17-0 Warren Fuiava and late replacement 3-0 Tone Fereti enter the ring and get ready to get it on. Fuiava, touted as the most skilled fighter in Samoa present day. Six rounds coming up.

A'ASA WINS! Here's one for the big guy who towered over Mamoe. The smaller Mamoe fought like a terrier and came close, drawing the claret from the snout of A'asa in the first round. Six manic rounds with neither fighter giving an inch. An even card from the promoters so far who have the matchups perfect.

American insists southpaw style will prove too difficult to handle for 17-0 rising Kiwi heavyweight.
Source: 1 NEWS

Fight Three: Local lads Alapati A'asa and Faranisisi Mamoe battle it out in the cruiserweight division. Six rounds lay ahead.

TUIGAMALA WINS! Bubba held the upperhand throughout but the undoubted highlight was the crowd displaying the beauty of sport in Samoa. Two men with no necks thumping each other senseless but the crowd burst into laughter when a punch goes astray. Great atmosphere and great showmanship from Ulutoa who was having a ball.

Fight Two: Bubba Tuigamala, son of Inga the Winger up against veteran Gogosina Ulutoa who is 20 years his senior. A rude awakening for the All Blacks' son?? There has to be some fireworks in this bout.

DRAW! There was little between them but Matagi landed the cleaner, crisper blows on Fata who was intent on holding Matagi at bay and snuck in a few handy straight lefts. A strong fourth round from the shorter Matagi wasn't enough in the end.

Fight One: Hugo Fata has over 100 amateur bouts, but tonight's his first paid outing, like Petelo Matagi who's the current Samoan amateur champ in this weight class.


There’s some common themes in tonight’s Rumble In Paradise for New Zealand heavyweight hope Joseph Parker.

Six months after the All Blacks warmed up for their world title in Apia, Parker has followed suit with a new swagger and some sophisticated media ploys in the lead up. A new weapon was suggested following admission of some frailties. 

Cheered on by humble locals midweek as he was paraded through town, Parker is by design or not, channeling Muhammed Ali in his renowned doco on the ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ which arguably has a better ring to it.....

Parker headlines a feast of Samoa’s best and brightest boxing talent. There are some big boys going toe-to-toe tonight, most notably Inga Tuigamala’s 24 year old son Lika, 117kg and happily taking on adults of all kinds since he was 15.

Inga, a local nowadays is immersing himself into the Samoan boxing scene in a big way with a bevy of boxing sons.

Ex kick-boxer Jordan Tai continues his rise and Brown Buttabean lines up yet again but everyone has their eyes set on Parker’s progress, the new liver lacer and his trademark speed and power combined.

2016 is moving year for Explosive Joseph when things get more serious than a southpaw with a 25-11-2 record. 


Joseph Parker (NZ) vs Jason 'Ironman' Bergman (USA)


Brown Buttabean (NZ) vs Batman (Palmerston North)


Fight 5: Jordan Tai vs Toni Iapesa
Fight 4: Warren Fuiava vs Sigapoa Asiata
Fight 3: Alapati A'asa vs Faranisisi Mamoe
Fight 2: Bubba Tuigamala vs Gogosina Ulutoa
Fight 1: Petelo Matagi vs Hugo Fata

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