IOC reviewing transgender guidelines in light of Hubbard selection

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach says an inquiry is underway to create new guidelines for the future participation of transgender athletes at the Olympics, in light of Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard's selection to compete in Tokyo.

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IOC president Thomas Bach said there was "no one size fits all solution". Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Bach told 1 NEWS reporter Guy Heveldt the IOC had no say on Hubbard's selection as the rules had been set by the International Weightlifting Committee at the beginning of the qualification process for Tokyo and could not be changed.

"You cannot change rules during the competition," Bach said.

Hubbard also met current IOC guidelines regarding testosterone levels in her body.

However, Bach said the IOC was undertaking an inquiry into creating a new set of guidelines for sporting federations to abide by in the future.

Laurel Hubbard. Source: Photosport

"The IOC is in an inquiry phase with all the different stakeholders - medical experts, social experts, human rights experts and international federations - to review these rules and to come up with guidelines that cannot be rules," Bach said.

"There is no one size fits all solution. It differs from sport to sport. The guidelines need to ensure fair competition and at the same time respecting the rights of the concerned athletes."

Hubbard's selection to the New Zealand team for the Tokyo Games has been a controversial one, with protests breaking out abroad and rivals expressing their disappointment in the decision.

Hubbard was also one of the main talking points for media globally, after several news outlets told 1 NEWS her inclusion was a focal point of the Games.

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Laurel Hubbard's inclusion at Tokyo continues to make headlines. Source: 1 NEWS

Bach himself remained coy on the topic yesterday, refusing to express his personal opinion on the situation when grilled by other members of New Zealand media.

"The rules are in place and the rules have to be applied," Bach said.

"This is what all the athletes around the world are relying on."