Horror Macau F3 World Cup crash may have been a 'mistake' by race organisers, says fellow driver

Chinese driver Guan Yu Zhou said that an error from race organisers may have resulted in the 280km/h crash which left German teen driver Sophia Floersch with a fractured spine at the Macau F3 World Cup today.

The 17-year-old driver was taken to hospital after the accident, where she was sent flying over barriers on a tight turn after losing her wheels in a collision further up the track.

After hitting the kerb and another vehicle, she was sent airborne and flew through a fence before hitting a photographer's bunker where race marshals were gathered.

The collision is being investigated by the FIA.

Chinese driver Yu Zhou who was behind the teen driver said there was yellow warning lights on the track before the accident on Turn 3, with Yu Zhou saying it appeared to be a "mistake" by the race organisers.

"It was such a scary moment," he told

"Coming after Mandarin (the preceding right-hand bend), I saw the yellow, but I think it was just a mistake by the organisers' station.

"Sophia was really close to Jehan, so when Jehan braked early, she had no time to react.

"She hit Jehan's right-rear and that spun her around straight into Lisboa, and she flew into the other car.

"I just hope she's OK."

Floersch took to social media to tell the world about her condition.

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