'He'll do it till he drops' - Balclutha 82-year-old powerlifter targets world record

Just. Lift. It. Three words that Balclutha's Bruce Park lives by,

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Bruce Park begins a busy year of competition in Dunedin tomorrow. Source: 1 NEWS

Park isn't your typical 82-year-old, he's an active powerlifter, readying himself for the start of the Masters Games in Dunedin tomorrow.

"My best squad was 145, the bench was 90, and the deadlift was 197," he told 1 NEWS.

While the weights of his personal bests may astound you, what's more remarkable is the age that he started competing, first picking up a bar at age 70.

Beside him, is his wife of 57 years, Lesley.

"He'll do it till he drops," she jokes.

She's witnessed him not only dominate his age group, but also seen his refusal to give up after a number of health scares.

One when he developed scepticaemia at 57, meningitis and a blood clot to his brain. Then just a few years ago, when his heart needed a valve replacing.

Park will compete in the New Zealand Nationals and the World Masters Games later this year, but will start with an attempt at a record deadlift of 161kg tomorrow.