'This is what happens when you push the boundaries' - Team NZ having issues with new boat design

Team New Zealand's plans heading into the 2021 America's Cup have hit a snag, with issues plaguing the foil arms on their new boat design.

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Sir Ben Ainslie's Team UK are the first to launch a prototype but the Kiwis are taking a different tack. Source: 1 NEWS

As the America's Cup holders revealed their new 75-foot monohull design earlier this year, a design flaw in the foiling arms have set Team New Zealand back several months, veteran Ray Davies says.

Speaking to, Davies spoke candidly about the difficulties that Team New Zealand are experiencing as they adapt to their new monohull design.

"Yes, the rumours are true and there was a setback. This is what happens when you push the boundaries of design - and if you don't do that the boats will be slow.

"With the new design there are a few one-design components that had to be built and so we decided to split the responsibilities for those parts.

"Team New Zealand took on the foil cant system for the actual mechanics of moving the arm up and down. That seems to have gone quite well and we have positive feedback from the teams."

Davies also says that a new system has been designed and implemented, with the team quickly moving on from the setback.

"So we have binned the old design and all the teams now agree on this new structure and build method.

"It has set us a few months back for sure but breaking foils in the America's Cup is not new.

"It was a setback but not a major one - we can overcome it."