As it happened: AND STILL! Joseph Parker wins WBO title fight by majority decision in close-fought bout with Hughie Fury

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live updates of the WBO Heavyweight Title fight between champion Joseph Parker and contender Hughie Fury at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.


The Manchester crowd is silently exiting the arena. This is a tough loss to stomach for the locals. It needs to be emphasised this fight was very close and had Fury been more productive with his jab, he could've had his hand raised. We're awaiting what is sure to be a fiery press conference.


The judges give it to the champion! It was a close fight, so much so the first judge scores it 114-114. But judges 2 and 3 go 118-110 in favour of Parker. Fury's evasiveness hasn't translated to points for him on the night. The Fury camp is dejected. Tyson Fury is up and arms. The Parker camp however is very composed with the win. It's not a statement result that they were hoping for but he's kept the belt and that's all that counts.


Parker gets one right on the kisser but Fury keeps his feet. They go to the corner and trade shots but Parker's seems to resonate more. Fury is tying it up with braces to stop the rush from Parker. FInal minute. Fury braces again. 30 seconds. Fury braces again. Manchester crowd is chanting 'Hughie' and the bell goes. Who knows how this wraps.


It's more of the same in the penultimate round. Parker is chasing desperately but Fury is always on the move. Both trade blows but Parker lands a good right hand in the final 10 seconds. It may just swing the round for him.


Fury dances early in the round to ensure he isn't caught out like he was last round. He continues it for the entire round and Parker's frustration is showing. Heading into the championship rounds its so close. Who knows how the judges have it. We have it 6-4 to Parker.


Parker lands a BIG shot to start the round and FURY IS RUNNING! Fury escapes the onslaught but that's a big concern for team Fury. Parker looks energised and he's owning the middle of the ring. Fury comes forward for a combo of his own and it lands. Parker lands another big right. Last minute is braces and dancing. Best round of the night so far from Parker.


Parker really getting wild to start this round. Wild hooks on the front foot. They aren't landing cleanly but they are making Fury change his step. Parker goes inside to get him to the corner but it's a good uppercut to warn him from trying it again. These rounds are very close but Fury's evasiveness outside is a big issue for Parker right now.


Into the second half. Fury dancing around again and as he tries to stay away from the corners, Parker surprises him with a rush and gets him on the ropes but he braces and gets out. Parker landing more blows to the body but Fury is very effective with those scoring jabs. This fight could come down to whether or not Parker can get inside and really hurt him.


Fury much more prominent with his jab to open the round. Trying to re-establish the range but in doing so Parker keeps trapping him in corners. Third time to a corner and Parker lands two good punches. Fury very defensive this round and Parker's ability to rush little combos in the corner should see him take the round. At the halfway mark, we've got it 4-2 to Parker.


Parker is starting to get confident with his right hook. He's starting to close that gap more and more and as a result, those punches are getting closer and closer to landing cleanly. Parker gets a warning from the ref as one hook lands on the back of the head. Nothing in it. Best round so far from Parker. Fury may be getting tired.

Kevin Barry in the corner: "We know he's awkard. Keep breaking him down. Land the body punches."


Parker is trying everything he can to cut the space down as he continues to try combos to the body but any time he does, Fury is landing clean counters to the head. Looks like there's a bit of blood from Fury from accidental head clash. Parker with a couple wild haymakers to finish the round. One lands, still a close round to call.


Nice two punch combo to the body to start the round by Parker but Fury comes right back with a big right to the head. No damage but punches are starting to land. Parker goes for a big right hook but Fury weaves perfectly. Fury playing very defensive. It's on Parker to find his openings as this fight wears on and fatigue sets in.


Parker trying to land jabs to the body to slow Fury down but the young British fighter is doing well to evade. Parker may be taking these early rounds with his aggression but once again, it's a close round full of missed punches.


We're underway!

Good start for Parker as he lands a two punch combo. Parker is always going to need to be on the front foot with the shorter reach. And he's come out aggressive early.

Fury trying to dance around the ring and stay outside with the jab. Parker keeps going in but he's missing he's early shots and Fury is landing counters.

Final ten seconds is a hug and that's a tough round to call. Both punches are happily throwing punches and landing with some success.


Announcer has delivered the names of the fighters. We're moments away from the fight!


Fury comes out to some Celtic flute music paying to his background and he gets a roar from the local crowd. He looks pumped. He lets out a roar as he enters the arena. Parker follows up with the haka playing before he enters the ring to "Can't be touched" by Roy Jones Jr. He's very composed and in the 'zone' as its put these days.


Anthems are done and dusted and this Manchester crowd is rowdy - a couple of boos through the NZ and Samoan anthems and a lot of chatter. Fighters' entrances coming up.


All the undercards are out of the way and it's time for the main event! There are the usual customs still to get through with ring entrances, anthems and such so we're approximately 30 minutes away from the first bell.


After a wild build up, it's finally here.

Joseph Parker and Hughie Fury, on his home patch in England's north, will jump into the ring this morning for the WBO heavyweight crown.

Sparks had previously flown between the two fighters' camps, with Parker's promoter David Higgins and Fury's father and trainer Peter engaging in a public slanging match on the appointment of Terry O'Connor as referee.

O'Connor had overseen Fury's previous two victories and was considered suspect by Higgins, who successfully lobbied to have him demoted.

He will now serve as judge, with Marcus McDonnell to referee.

Yet relations between the two camps hit a new low on yesterda, with Fury pushing the 25-year-old Parker after a prolonged stare-down.

The push followed Fury's attempt to unnerve a composed Parker with trash-talk, and subsequently provoked a melee off-stage.

Security eventually intervened to ease tensions.

Prior to the fighters' brouhaha, Parker weighed in at 112kg, an almost identical weight to that which he carried in his 2016 bout against Andy Ruiz Jr.

It's half a kilo heavier than in his last fight, against Razvan Cojanu.

A mouthy Fury, meanwhile, weighed in at 102kg.

"There's only going to be one winner," Fury said while standing on the scales.

Nevertheless, Parker heads into the bout as firm favourite, knowing a statement victory is crucial for his future prospects in the UK.


Kiwi surfer Paige Hareb wins silver at World Surf Games in Japan

New Zealand surfer Paige Hareb has won silver at the women's final of the World Surfing Games in Japan this afternoon.

The 28-year-old from Taranaki finished in second place behind Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons.

Hareb's best two scores were 7.93 and 6.73 in the final, enough to edge out her South African rival Bianca Buitendag.

The Kiwi surfer made the final after a sensational performance in the last seconds of her qualifying heat this afternoon.

She had a slow start in her heat scoring 6.20 and 6.40 before she nailed an 8.6 to secure a total heat score of 15.00 out of 20.

Hareb's best scores were 7.93 and 6.73, with Aussie surfer Sally Fitzgibbons winning gold at the event. Source: SKY



Granddaughter following in sporting footsteps of New Zealand's oldest living Olympian

Our oldest living Olympian is adding to her list of proud moments, with her granddaughter following in her sporting success.

Ngaire Galloway (nee Lane) is getting ready to watch 17-year-old Gina Galloway compete at next month's 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Described as a "a powerful and stylish swimmer", Galloway was New Zealand’s first female swimmer to hold concurrent junior, intermediate and senior national records.

She was also the only swimmer and female in the New Zealand team to compete at the 1948 London Games.

Seventy years on, granddaughter Gina is showing the same form. Last year she won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in The Bahamas.

Gina visited her Nana in Nelson today for a final "goodluck" before her next big event.

The pair not only share the swimming gene, they are both backstroke specialists too.

"From a young age, listening to all her stories, of her travels, the friends she's made and the experiences she's gained from swimming has been really really inspiring," Gina told 1 NEWS.

Both agree the technique has changed , but the goal - to be the fastest- remains the same.

"Three years ago I was still swimming 30 lengths, but I struck some back trouble," says Ngaire.

At 92, she’s enjoying being a spectator.

"She's able to livestream into the races I'm doing and Dad always sends her the links so she can watch. It's always cool knowing she's watching from Nelson," says Gina.

Now Ngaire hopes to catch Gina's medal moment in Argentina.

"I'd probably just about collapse with excitement."

"You better be careful," she tells her granddaughter.

Ngaire Lane, 92, is getting ready to watch her granddaughter compete at the Youth Olympics. Source: 1 NEWS


'You tapped the glass window' - Conor McGregor mocks UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov about bus attack

Irish mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor has finally faced off with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in New York, with neither fighter holding back in a war of words during a press conference in New York today.

Nurmagomedov criticised McGregor's ground game and fitness inside the octagon.

"I think I am going to make him tired," said Nurmagomedov.

"When he is tired he always gives up."

The two are set face off for the UFC lightweight title on October 7 in Las Vegas.

He also mocked McGregor's move to boxing where he lost by TKO against Floyd Mayweather Jr last year.

"When you move to box(ing) he tapped there. You tap like chicken."

The 30-year-old Irish star was quick to fire back, mocking Nurmagomedov for his reaction during his bus attack in April, where he threw a steel dolly at a bus full of UFC fighters in Brooklyn.

"You tapped the bus window," said McGregor.

The former lightweight and featherweight UFC champ agreed to a plea deal with the Brooklyn District Attorney's office in July, which allowed him to avoid a criminal record.

"I'll tap your head off the canvas."

McGregor has an MMA record of 21 wins and three losses, with Nurmagomedov unbeaten in 26 bouts.

The outspoken Irish fighter hasn't fought since November 2016, where he became the first double champion in the UFC after defeating Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight strap at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Khabib and other UFC stars were on a bus in Brooklyn in April when Conor threw a steel dolly at the window. Source: UFC


Former UFC champion Jon Jones to return to the octagon after 15-month doping suspension

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones should be eligible to fight by late October after completing a 15-month suspension for a doping violation.

The US Anti-Doping Agency today announced the length of Jones' ban for his second violation of the UFC's anti-doping policy.

The decision means the 31-year-old Jones could even fight at UFC 230 in New York on November 3, if the UFC decides to book his comeback bout on that card.

Jones is widely considered the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world, but he has repeatedly sabotaged his own career.

He reclaimed the light heavyweight title from Daniel Cormier last year, but the victory was taken away when he tested positive for a steroid metabolite.

Jones also failed an out-of-competition test in 2016.

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 29:  (L-R) Jon Jones punches Daniel Cormier in their UFC light heavyweight championship bout during the UFC 214 event inside the Honda Center on July 29, 2017 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
Jon Jones punches Daniel Cormier in their UFC light heavyweight championship bout during the UFC 214 event inside the Honda Centre in Anaheim, California. Source: Getty