Hamish Kerr soars to top 10 finish in Olympic high jump

New Zealand high jumper Hamish Kerr has finished 10th in the men's high jump final at the Tokyo Olympics this evening.

Hamish Kerr clears the bar in the men's high jump qualifiers at the Tokyo Olympics. Source: Associated Press

The 24-year-old looked comfortable in the opening heights of 2.19m and 2.24m, but struggled at 2.27m. Twice he knocked the bar off, but on the final attempt he sprung over to keep his Olympic dream alive.

The next round saw the bar pushed up to 2.30m, just a centimetre below Kerr's personal best. He failed to clear it on his first two attempts again, but as the pressure ramped up, Kerr delivered, sailing over the bar cleanly before giving a big fist pump.

That brought the young Kiwi into new territory. At 2.33m, Kerr would need to break his personal best in order to stay in the competition.

Despite some great camraderie between Kerr and Australian Brandon Starc, each man cheering and encouraging the other with each jump, 2.33m proved to be a jump too far for Kerr.