Hamilton groundsman turns into NZ's premier lawnmower in coronavirus lockdown

While New Zealand's sporting venues are out of action due to coronavirus, groundstaff aren't just sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Waikato's Karl Johnson, responsible for the upkeep of both FMG Stadium and Seddon Park, is one of those. His job considered non-essential during the national lockdown, Johnson getting his groundskeeping fix from his now-immaculate lawn.

He's probably the only man in New Zealand who's wife wants him back inside.

"The neighbours know what I do for a job," Johnson tells 1 NEWS.

"I guess it's like the mechanic's car and builder's house, there's pressue on me and my lawns."

Johnson can look at his grounds on CCTV, and operate his irrigation systems remotely. His staff have been put on standby to help the local council if needed for essential work.

In the meantime, Johnson has been inundated with calls - not from sporting bodies, rather from his mates wanting tips on getting their lawns as good as his.