Graphic warning: Sickening coward punch lands amateur Aussie Rules player life ban, after rival left motionless on the turf

An Aussie Rules footballer in Victoria has been given a life ban for a brutal mid-game coward punch.

Brad Huhn, who plays for Thomson in the Geelong District south-west of Melbourne, had his registration torn up after the six-week ban for the punch took him over the 16-week threshold, Nine News reported.

Huhn argued at the tribunal that he was retaliating for an elbow.

AFL Barwon tribunal chairman Werner Weigl rejected this defence, saying there was no justification.

“It was clear Joseph (Huhn's opponent) was holding his ground, not swinging his arm,” Weigl said.

Huhn had previously been suspended for 12 weeks in his career for various incidents prior to this latest suspension.