Graphic warning: Sickening coward punch lands amateur Aussie Rules player life ban, after rival left motionless on the turf

An Aussie Rules footballer in Victoria has been given a life ban for a brutal mid-game coward punch.

Brad Huhn, who plays for Thomson in the Geelong District south-west of Melbourne, had his registration torn up after the six-week ban for the punch took him over the 16-week threshold, Nine News reported.

Huhn argued at the tribunal that he was retaliating for an elbow.

AFL Barwon tribunal chairman Werner Weigl rejected this defence, saying there was no justification.

“It was clear Joseph (Huhn's opponent) was holding his ground, not swinging his arm,” Weigl said.

Huhn had previously been suspended for 12 weeks in his career for various incidents prior to this latest suspension. 


Watch: Kiwi UFC fighter Dan Hooker explains his respectful callout to superstar Paul Felder

Kiwi UFC star Dan "Hangman" Hooker has explained his post fight call out of fellow fighter Paul Felder, following his victory over Jim Miller in Atlantic City last weekend.

Hooker, 28, defeated Miller just three minutes into the first round of his bout with Miller, with Felder acting as a sideline commentator for the event.

When asked about his next fight prospects, Hooker cooly responded to Felder, before politely challenging him.

"I want a ranked opponent next, and I just so happen to be standing across from a ranked opponent without a fight," Hooker said.

"So if you'll do me the honor next, we could get (UFC matchmaker) Sean (Shelby) to match it up."

To his credit, Felder accepted Hooker's proposal.

"I've been waiting for somebody to actually have some guts and stand here in front of me and say that they wanted to fight me," Felder said.

"So if Sean Shelby talks to me tonight and tells me that he wants me to fight you, you're a tough opponent, and I think you deserve someone higher ranked than that."

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, Hooker explained his respectful challenge, one that's earned him praise from across the mixed martial arts world.

"People are a bit used to the common trend of guys being a bit arrogant or calling people out disrespectfully," he said.

"It was a bit of fresh air, people can see that it is possible to promote a fight or match interesting fights without it being this negative thing - creating drama that's not there."

The Kiwi UFC fighter challenged Felder face-to-face after his last win. Source: 1 NEWS



Kiwi UFC star Dan Hooker on his latest victory: 'A lot rides on these fights, it's my livelihood'

Kiwi UFC star Dan "Hangman" Hooker has opened up about his latest victory in the octagon, having defeated the legendary Jim Miller with a first-round knockout in Atlantic City last weekend.

Back in Auckland, Hooker spoke to 1 NEWS about the victory, and what it means for him, speaking of a feeling more similar to relief than excitement.

"I've been doing this (for) so long now - fighting professionally for nine, ten years now," he said.

"It's more just (like) relief now, you lose that ecstatic feeling you get that draws you into the sport.

"A lot rides on these fights, it's my livelihood - it's the way I support my family.

"It's just relief to me that I can get the job done, tick that one off, move on and keep progressing in my career."

Hooker also spoke about his possible next fight, having called out Paul Felder in the middle of his post fight interview on Sunday.

"I've contacted the matchmakers already, I've let them know that I'm back in the gym."

"My intentions are set on getting a ranked opponent next, I think that they feel the same way about it.

"I see a ranked opponent in my future, and for me to start climbing the rankings, and get closer to the title."

Hooker defeated Jim Miller with a first round knockout earlier this week. Source: 1 NEWS