'It felt like a real race' - Kiwi triathletes go online for competitive fix

With local and international sport brought to a halt by coronavirus, Kiwi triathletes are turning their attention online to compete in a new racing series.

Triathlon New Zealand and Zwift Technology have teamed up to create an online World League Cycling Series, where an athlete's performance in real life dictates how they do in the game.

Over 400 athletes came together for the first race, none of them taking it easy, Kiwi triathlete Sophie Corbidge tells 1 NEWS.

"At least on the road you have real life drafting. You get tailwinds, or different elements that impact your race and make it slightly easier," she says.

"But that was just from the gun, full gas.

"It kind of gives you a real purpose to your day and to your training to try and stay motivated and to have something really challenging during these times."

Hayden Wilde another to get in on the action.

"Quite exciting actually," he tells 1 NEWS.

"Coming up to the last couple of K, where we all just hammered down and it felt like an actual race."

At the end of six weeks, a champion will be crowned.