'F***in' ghetto Jesus!' - Stunned Israel Adesanya stops interview in colourful fashion after seeing UFC fighter’s flying knee KO

There was plenty of reaction to Jorge Masvidal's impressive five second knockout yesterday but one of the best belongs to none other than Kiwi UFC champ Israel Adesanya.

Adesanya was midway through an interview with TSN reporter Aaron Bronsteter behind the scenes at UFC 239 in Las Vegas yesterday when he saw Masvidal deliver a flying knee kick to Ben Askren's head on a nearby television.

The blow dropped Askren instantly - it also made Adesanya drop to his knees in amazement.

The interim middleweight champion struggled to find words but when he did, they were mostly enthusiastic expletives.

"F***in' ghetto Jesus, no f***in' way," Adesanya mustered at one point.

Bronsteter simply kept the microphone close to Adesanya as he took the moment in while the Nigerian-born Kiwi waited for a replay.

"He ran at him... oh, flying knee! F*** off," Adesanya commentated.

After seeing the blow Adesanya decided he needed to get back inside T-Mobile Arena to catch the atmosphere after the short-lived fight.

It was announced last week Adesanya will go up against Australian champion Robert Whittaker in October later this year to find the UFC's sole middleweight champion.

No venue has been confirmed but UFC 243 will take place on October 6.