Exclusive: More people coming forward to speak out against Cycling NZ's handling of departed coach Anthony Peden

More people have come forward saying they tried to make Cycling New Zealand listen to concerns about what was going on with former coach Anthony Peden and his alleged inappropriate behaviour. 

Mark Lucas spent 35 years in the sport, but in the end he walked away. Source: 1 NEWS

Mark Lucas cycled for New Zealand and has been a selector and coach in the sport for 35 years - many of those years working with top New Zealand riders.

But in the end, he walked away.

"It's very difficult to be 100 per cent committed to something that you don't 100 per cent believe in that's the hardest thing."

Most recently, Lucas worked as operations manager at the Cambridge Velodrome - he even drove the derny at the 2015 World Cup.

He's seen first-hand what's been happening at Cycling New Zealand.  

"It's been a very dysfunctional culture for a very long time and it's almost the athletes are working for Cycling NZ, Cycling NZ is not working for the athletes."

Lucas is convinced bullying and bad behaviour was allowed to go on at Cycling NZ because staff weren't listened to and athletes contractually aren't allowed to speak out.

And if they did?

"Well if you do that you get kicked out because they don’t want to hear that some of the time."

The list of those who tried to get action at the top level continues to grow.

1 NEWS spoke with someone else who had communication in 2017 with then-High Performance Sport chief executive Alex Baumann.

Despite being part of a two level review, this person wasn't convinced the message was getting through, explaining the level of crisis with the sport as extremely high.

While many have been too afraid to go on camera, Lucas wanted to back up what former sports scientist Kathryn Phillips told 1 NEWS earlier in the week.

He's also seen athletes lack of trust in the organisation.

"I'm aware of a complaint that was aid after the Commonwealth Games, about the way a coach spoke to an athlete.

"It was a formal complaint, that complaint was not forwarded to Cycling NZ because they felt that complaint would get swept under the carpet."

While that complaint after the Gold Coast games wasn't about Peden, it points to a wider issue - one that still exists even after the sprint coach's departure.