Ex-NRL star Valentine Holmes makes first highlights-reel play as he chases NFL dream

Former NRL star Valentine Holmes has bounced back from copping some brutal hits to produce his first highlights-reel play of the New York Jets' training camp.

Footage posted by the NFL franchise on social media today showed Luke Falk launch a ball deep into the corner of the endzone, where Holmes, No.39, manages to haul it in and get his feet down to claim the touchdown.

The clip ends with Holmes jogging back to the line, where he is congratulated by some of his teammates.

The play comes after Holmes was on the receiving end of some punishment at scrimmages earlier this week.

The team scrimmage came ahead of Thursday's first preseason game against cross- city rivals the New York Giants, during which the Australian is expected to make his NFL debut.

The New York Post reported some Jets teammates "were cringing" when Holmes was smashed during Saturday's scrimmage, but he also impressed when he "popped up after both hits".

Holmes appeared to be headed for a touchdown on one of the plays but 188-centimetrecm tall, 107kg linebacker Neville Hewitt stopped the Australian in his tracks.

"There was one big hit I got today where I just turned up the field and I got kind of cleaned out, but that's the sport," Holmes told reporters.

"You just get back up, get back out there and keep going."

Just like former South Sydney Rabbitohs junior Jordan Mailata last year with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jarryd Hayne with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015, Holmes is not only learning the complexities of the NFL but dealing with playing in a helmet and heavy pads while competing with elite athletes who have been playing the sport since they were children.

"It's quite hot wearing all of the pads and the helmets compared to what I'm used to playing in, but it is going good," Holmes said.

"I'm really enjoying it, it's totally different, it's like learning a new language."

Holmes is also dealing with being hit by an NFL player from different angles compared to the NRL.

"It is different, I mean, you can't really see the hits coming in the sport but in rugby league you can kind of see who's coming at you, who is trying to tackle you so you can kind of evade them."

The Jets have about 90 players on the roster, but will slash it to 53 as the team plays four preseason games ahead of the September 8 regular season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Holmes is considered a long shot to make the 53 and, as a participant in the NFL's International Pathway program, is guaranteed a place on the Jets practice squad.

Practice squad players train with the team, but do not play games.

Holmes hopes to make the most of his opportunities in the preseason games against the Giants, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Mailata's Eagles.

"That was my first scrimmage against kind of a real-life situation type thing, so I'm just trying to take it day-by-day and impress the coaches and try and learn what I can do," Holmes said.

"I'd like to make the 53 or even the practice squad, but we'll see how we go."