Deontay Wilder floors Tyson Fury in the final round of thrilling WBC heavyweight title bout, fight ends in a controversial draw

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of today's WBC heavyweight title fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - heavyweight WBC title fight - draw

A controversial decision with the judges ruling a split decision draw. One judge gave the fight to Deontay Wilder 115-111, another gave Fury the fight 114-110, with the third judge ruling the fight a draw 113-113.

ROUND TWELVE: Deontay Wilder floors Tyson Fury for the second time in the fight and it looks to be over. But Tyson Fury beats the ten count and has somehow recovered, Fury rattles Wilder with a combination of punches of his own. What a fight! They see out the final round.

ROUND ELEVEN: Deontay Wilder charges towards Fury midway through the round and none of his punches land. Tyson Fury counters with some punches of his own. They clinch and the referee seperates them. A tight round, could give it to either fighter.

ROUND TEN: Tyson Fury comes out as the aggressor, throwing more punches to begin the round. Deontay Wilder isn't throwing much back at Fury. A big round for Tyson as he lands a few big right hands midway through the round. Deontay Wilder rallies late and throws a lot of power punches that just miss the chin of Fury.

ROUND NINE: Deontay Wilder floors Tyson Fury in the first minute of the round but the Gypsy King gets back to his feet. Wilder looks to have punched himself out and Fury takes the fight to Wilder late in the round. They both engage in the final seconds of the round before the bell goes.

It was a overhand right by Deontay Wilder which rocked Fury and floored him.

ROUND EIGHT: Tyson Fury starts showboating late in the round and he lands two big right hands. Deontay Wilder starts firing off shots in the final seconds. A close round but another you will have to give to Fury. 

ROUND SEVEN: Tyson Fury looked to have landed his best punch of the fight with a big right hand that landed flush on Wilder's jaw. But Deontay Wilder decides to engage and throws a barrage of punches to Fury's head. Both fighters appeared to have hurt each other in that round.

ROUND SIX: Deontay Wilder's left eye appears to be swollen and Tyson Fury is starting to land more frequent punches to Wilder's head. Fury is looking more confident letting his hands go, a round you will have to give to the Gypsy King.

ROUND FIVE: Tyson Fury was much busier in that round. But neither fighter began throwing punches until the last minute. Fury is advised by his trainers to keep his distance and fight from the outside.

ROUND FOUR: Deontay Wilder lands some head shots late in the fourth and Tyson Fury's nose starts to bleed. Fury is looking good as he doubles up on his jab. A tight round but you would have to give it to Wilder.

ROUND THREE: A close round, with neither landing any big blows. Tyson Fury doing well using his jab and feinting. Deontay Wilder also did well taking his time and has been milimetres away from landing any big punches.

ROUND TWO: Tyson Fury doing well to avoid Wilder's punches with good head movement. Tyson Fury is happy to fight from the outside, each fighter land solid right hands. Deontay rushes in and Tyson Fury wraps him up with the referee intervening and seperating the fighters.

Deontay Wilder lands a big right hand just before the end of the second round.

ROUND ONE: Deontay Wilder launches a barrage of punches and forces Tyson Fury up against the ropes. Wilder has the higher output throwing more punches and Fury starts to establish his jab midway through the round. Both fighters exchange with one minute remaining in the round and it appears Wilder momentarily stunned.

A big right hand lands for Tyson Fury late in the round and Wilder looked rattled, the American is saved by the bell with Fury raising his hands after the first bell. 

5.45pm: Jay Rock performs his popular single WIN with Deontay Wilder walking out behind him with a bizarre attire. He has a crown and mask on and has a cloak covered in feathers. 

5.41pm: He finally enters the ring, he raises his hands and addresses, with the crowd giving him a huge cheer. Tyson Fury dances around in the ring and has his gloves checked by the referee.

5.37pm: Tyson Fury is now making his way to the ring, he looks calm, smiling and singing along to his own walkout music. He has a mixed response from the fans, cheered and booed as he walks to the ring.

We are not far away now, with the England and American national anthems being played now.

Up next we have the main event between the American champ Deontay Wilder and former world champion Tyson Fury.

Jarrett Hurd (c) v Jason Welborn - super welterweight title fight - Jarrett Hurd wins via fourth round KO

FOURTH ROUND: After a strong start from Jason Welborn in the fourth round, Jarrett Hurd knocks down the UK fighter. Hurd floors Jason Welborn with a massive right hand body shot and Welborn doesn't beat the count. The fight is over and Hurd wins by KO.

THIRD ROUND: Jason Welborn lands some heavy punches late in the third, he rushes the champion and manages to clip Jarrett Hurd with a big left hook.

SECOND ROUND: Jarrett Hurd comes out throwing more combinations but Jason Welborn backs up the champ onto the ropes. Welborn starts teeing off in the clinch, landing some big punches. A close round that could go to either fighter.

FIRST ROUND: Jason Welborn is the agressor, taking the fight to the champion Jarrett Hurd. The American fighter is the taller of the two but is happy to fight on the back foot. Welborn lands some quality punches in the clinch, you would have to give that round to the UK fighter Welborn - who had the higher output.

American champion Jarrett Hurd takes on UK fighter Jason Welborn in their super welterweight WBA/IBF/IBO title fight. This is the last fight before the main event.

Luis Ortiz v Travis Kauffman - heavyweight - Ortiz wins via 10th round TKO

Ortiz says he wants the winner out of the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. But admitted he would prefer to have a rematch with Wilder, after losing to the American in March.

TENTH ROUND: Luis Ortiz floors Travis Kauffman for the third time in the bout. Again Kaufmann is happy to just block, not throwing many punches in the final round. Ortiz goes in for the kill landing at will with some sensational combinations and the ref steps in to stop the bout. Ortiz wins the heavyweight fight with a TKO win in the last round.

NINTH ROUND: Luis Ortiz drops Travis Kauffman with a low blow and the ref gives the Cuban a warning. In the final minute and a half in the round Ortiz pours on the pressure. Ortiz landing some big blows with his barrage of punches. Another dominant round you would have to give to Luis Ortiz.

EIGHTH ROUND: Travis Kauffman hits the canvas again after another lightning left hand by Luis Ortiz. But the American refuses to give up and gets up before the end of the ten count from the official. Ortiz is now bouncing around the ringing picking his shots at will with Kauffman having no answer for Ortiz's combination of punches.

SEVENTH ROUND: Ortiz comfortably wins that round, with the Cuban boxer applying the pressure in that round. Luis threw more punches and Travis Kauffman is well behind on the score cards after being dropped in the previous round.

SIXTH ROUND: Cuban fighter Luis Ortiz floors US boxer Kauffman early in the sixth, Kauffman is given a 10 count and Ortiz begins celebrating. Kauffman seems to have recovered and sees out the rest of the round. Great heart shown here by the American fighter Kauffman. The blow which rocked Kauffman was a stinging straight left hand by Ortiz that landed flush on Kauffman's jaw. 


The wait is finally over, as US heavyweight champion boxer Deontay Wilder is set to step into the ring with former British heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury.

Fury is undefeated in his 27 professional fights and made a remarkable comeback to the sport after losing an astonishing 60kg in 12 months, while also battling depression.

American champion Wilder has won all 40 of his professional fights with 39 wins by way of knockout.

Fury weighed in yesterday at 116kg with Wilder weighing in at 97kg.

The winner of today's bout is likely to line up against WBO, IBF and WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua at some stage next year.

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