Deepest ever freedive in Kiwi waters a possibility as divers plunge into Lake Taupo for national event




The annual national freediving championships are kicking off this morning on Lake Taupo with hopes fresh water records could be broken.

Head judge of the NZ Depth Nationals and New Zealand freediving legend Guy Brew says world records could unofficially be broken this week as well.
Source: 1 NEWS

Fifteen competitors from around New Zealand and the world have assembled in Turangi just south of Taupo for a safety briefing this morning before hitting the water for the NZ Depth Nationals.

Head judge and New Zealand freediving legend, Guy Brew, says diving in Taupo will be extremely different to diving attempts like that of Will Trubridge's record-breaking 102m dive last year.

"A lot of the world records that we see are generally done in warmer climates where you've got greater visibility, completely different temperature – we've also got greater altitude and some other issues here," Brew told TVNZ's Breakfast programme this morning.

While Trubridge will not be competing at the event, Brew says there are still some record-breaking dives being unofficially attempted.

Kiwi Dave Mullins will be attempting the deepest dive ever recorded in New Zealand waters this morning using fins.

"Unofficially, this may be a freshwater world record."

And while the athletes have trained their bodies specifically for the event by learning how to lower their heart rate and reducing their blood flow, safety remains paramount for if a dive attempt goes wrong.

There are copious amounts of medical staff on hand for the event spanning from today through until Saturday.

Safety divers are also nearby to help the athletes as well as a counterweight mechanism that can pull divers to the surface in seconds in dire situations.

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