Cowboys QB knocked out cold in sickening cheap shot

Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton was left unconscious and motionless on the field today after wearing a nasty cheap shot to the head from Washington's Jon Bostic.

The hit happened in the third quarter with the Cowboys backed onto their own end zone on a third down.

Under pressure, Dalton managed to make his way past the line of scrimmage gaining a few yards before surrendering with a slide just short of a first down.

Bostic ignored the slide however, and propelled himself head-first into Dalton, dislodging the defenceless quarterbacks helmet in the process.

Dalton remained motionless on the ground immediately after the hit, with medical staff from both teams tending to him for minutes as players watched on.

Eventually Dalton got to his feet and walked from the field, while Bostic played no further part in the match following his ejection.

Dalton's injury will be of concern to the Cowboys who have already lost their first-string quarterback, Dak Prescott, to a gruesome leg break a fortnight ago.

Washington went on to win the game 25-3.