Coaching wizard behind shot put star Tom Walsh has his own illustrious sporting pedigree

Having wrapped up his eighth national shot put title over the weekend, Olympic bronze medallist Tom Walsh has spoken about his relationship with his little known Australian coach.

Dale Stevenson won bronze at the Commonwealth Games, trained with the Rebels and ran the Queenstown mararthon. Source: 1 NEWS

Walsh's coach Dale Stevenson, 29, only gave up competition five years ago before turning his hand to coaching.

His early interactions with Walsh came competing against him, something Walsh doesn't take lightly.

"I used to throw against him and we were mates to start with," Walsh told 1 NEWS.

"It's kind of a different relationship because of that."

Stevenson himself understands the rigors of competing at the top level, having represented Australia at the 2012 Olympics in London, as well as training as a prop for the Melbourne Rebels. 

"I have had some shared experiences with Tom in what it's like to be a competitive shot putter and wanting to be the best at your craft, so we use that at our starting point and I suppose we're driven more by curiosity than authority," Stevenson said.

Stevenson has introduced Walsh to a gruelling new training regime - one that has seen the Cantabrian colossus learn by example, with Stevenson shedding 20kg to take part in the Queenstown marathon.

"I think it also helps as a coach when you're asking people everyday to get out of their comfort zone and to do things that are right on the boundaries of what they think is possible and certainly what's comfortable if you can embody that yourself it perhaps give you some more gravitas."