'It can look very medieval at times!' Kiwi sprinter hopes cutting edge tech suit will put him strides ahead

Kiwi sprinter Joseph Millar has already proved he's fast but in the ongoing pursuit of speed he's turned to some unique training aids.

Joseph Millar is the one of the first in the world to try Exo-Gen - but if he explained it too much he'd 'have to kill you'. Source: 1 NEWS

Some of the cutting edge technology he's using is too secret to even talk about.

Millar, who claimed national titles in the 100m and 200m events earlier this year as well as a new national record in the 200m, has started wearing a suit to work - but it is far from your average business suit.

"It can look very medieval at times, walking around with some armour on," Millar said.

It's called Exo-Gen and Kiwi sports scientists are some of the first in the world to try it out.

The unheralded technology gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "body weight training" with panels weighing 200g each able to be placed anywhere on the suit to get the resistance desired.

With small bits of metal acting like chainmail for flexibility and a Velcro back to seamlessly attach it to the suit, the plates can be used in an infinite amount of ways. 

Millar's coach, Dr Paul Gamble says the technology is game-changing.         

"It's as close to real running as you can get but it is subtly different because you've got overload in a very unique way," he said.

"If you tried to carry a dumbell or a barbell while you're doing this stuff it wouldn't work out so well."

Dr Gamble is using the suit to increase Millar's stride since he can already move his legs quickly - but if he learns to push further with every step, he'll cover distance faster.

Eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt takes the concept of a long stride to the extreme.

While Millar will never keep up with Bolt in that area, it's thought this kind of training will get Millar running the 100m just like the Jamaican superstar - in under 10 seconds.

While the resistance programme being used to help Millar reach the goal remains top secret, the results already coming from it are anything but.

"I'm doing training reps that I was doing at the peak of last winter faster at the same amount of distance," Millar said.