Burling and Tuke storm into contention at 49er sailing World Champs

Kiwi sailing duo Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have soared into contention at the 49er World Championships in Auckland after a strong second day on the water.

Source: 1 NEWS

The pair jumped nine places to second on the overall leaderboard, just one point behind Austria's Benjamin Bildstein and David Hussl, after earning two thirds, a first and an eighth-placed finish in their four races yesterday.

The results didn't come easy though, with Tuke and Burling having to fight their way out of some shifty conditions on multiple occasions to claw their way up the ladder.

The breeze built to approximately 15 knots throughout the day for decent conditions but suddenly died midway through the final race, leaving some crews stranded.

Burling said they were lucky not to be one of those teams.

"It was definitely a really tricky day out there," Burling said.

"We had a fair share of either going backwards or forwards in races at times but we are pretty happy to walk away with the scorecard we did.

"It could always have been a bit better but it could also have been worse. All in all with how tricky it was, we were pretty happy."

The other New Zealand 49er crew of Logan Dunning Beck and Oscar Gunn also had a strong showing with two wins in their four races, seeing them soar from 33rd to seventh overall.

"We survived the day," Gunn said. "It's just about not throwing it away, really. A lot of people screwed it up today and yesterday so there are a few good guys who aren't in contention any more.

"We tried really hard to throw it away but we haven't yet so we will keep on chipping away and get some more good scores on the board."

New Zealand 49erFX crew Alex Maloney and Molly Meech managed a strong first day on the water too, claiming two top-three finishes in their four races to sit fourth overall.

"I thought we did a lot of things well but we also made some mistakes that are easy to see in hindsight," Maloney said.

"On reflection, it seems like it was one of those days that was high scoring so it was about minismising mistakes."

The boats are back out on the water at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club today with the 49er going through one last day of qualifying races before the top third move on to the golden fleet.

Standings after Day 2 of 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Champs

49er (88 boats)

1st: Benjamin Bildstein / David Hussl (AUT) - 15 pts
2nd: Peter Burling / Blair Tuke (NZL) - 16 pts
3rd: Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (GER) - 17 points

7th: Logan Dunning Beck / Oscar Gunn (NZL) - 27 pts
24th: Isaac McHardie / William McKenzie (NZL) - 41 pts
46th: Markus Somerville / Jack Simpson (NZL) - 64 pts
49th: Sam Bacon / Henry Gautrey (NZL) - 66 pts
54th: Jackson Keon / Scott McKenzie (NZL) - 73 pts
71st: Lewis Anderson / Reece Caulfield (NZL) - 107 pts
72nd: Campbell Stanton / William Shapland (NZL) - 110 pts
79th: Sam Morgan / Pat Morgan (NZL) - 118 pts
80th: Tom Fyfe / James Wilson (NZL) (31 DNF) - 121 pts
83rd: Craig Keenan / Gavin Ninnes (NZL) - 133 pts
86th: Ben Paterson / Sean Paterson (NZL) - 139 pts

49er FX (61 boats)

1st: Paris Henken / Anna Tobias (USA) - 7 pts
2nd: Ida Marie Baad Nielsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen (DEN) - 7 pts
3rd: Kimberly Lim / Cecilia Low (SGP) 9 4 1 (20) - 14 pts

4th: Alex Maloney / Molly Meech (NZL) - 14 pts
33rd: Crystal Sun / Olivia Hobbs (NZL) - 41 pts

Nacra 17 (52 boats)

1st: John Gimson / Anna Burnet (GBR) - 4 pts
2nd: Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface (GBR) - 5 pts
3rd: Riley Gibbs / Anna Weis (USA) - 5 pts

16th: Gemma Jones / Josh Porebski (NZL) - 22 pts
17th: Micah Wilkinson / Erica Dawson (NZL) - 22 pts
20th: Liv Mackay / Jason Saunders (NZL) - 25 pts
37th: Helena Sanderson / Henry Haslett (NZL) - 47 pts
52nd: Aaron Duncan / Julia Francis (NZL) - 73 pts