Brothers hope to make most of star Paul Coll's absence at national squash champs

With no Paul Coll or Joelle King at this year's national squash championships, the field has blown wide open to take the respective crowns and one family duo are hoping to take advantage.

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Temwa and Lui Chileshe could even face each other in the final with Coll not in NZ to defend his title. Source: 1 NEWS

Heading into this year’s tournament, there's not much that separates Lui and Temwa Chileshe.

They’re just a year apart age-wise and are practically stuck at the hip currently.

"We're quite close because we do a lot together, obviously with our squash," Lui said.

"Train together, study together, live together - don't sleep together!"

Perhaps the biggest difference is their world rankings with older brother Lui 144th in the world to Temwa's 317th.

But that means nothing in a sibling rivalry.

“If we played a match? I'd win," Temwa said.

"We'll see this weekend, won't we?” Lui responded.

That face-off is a very real possibility though, with the brothers on opposite sides of the draw meaning the siblings will only face each other if they both reach the final.

Although Lui said if they do match up, he may stay away from mind games.

"It's hard for me, I reckon, because Temwa gets better the angrier he gets,” he said.

“I can't do anything to make him angry otherwise he's just going to play better. My tactic is just to be really nice, don't piss him off, then I have a better chance!"

The pair might not get a better chance to win at the national champs than this year with World No.5 and winner of the previous five years Coll overseas.

Not only that but the duo also have strong support heading into the tournament – each other.

“We just cheer each other on.”