Boxing mum in the form of her life after eight-year comeback

Mea Motu is no ordinary mum.

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Lighweight boxer Mea Motu sacrificed eight years of her career to raise five children, but has now returned and aiming for the top. Source: 1 NEWS

The mother of five is also a professional lightweight boxer, making waves around the country.

But it was not always this way.

A former five-time national amateur champion, 31-year-old Motu put her sporting career on hold to raise her family, never thinking she would return to the sport after being subject to whispers of discouragement.

But after eight years, she is back, thanks to the backing of her family and West Auckland coach Issac Peach, who messaged her during Level 4 lockdown last year asking when she was going to turn pro.

"I didn't think I was good enough, I really didn't," Motu said.

But her partner and children did.

"I said she could do anything," son David said, his words proving to be key to Motu making her long-awaited return.

"I thought if he sees it I don't care what everyone else says and I don't care what I think [because] my son's proud of me."

Turning pro in October, she's now undefeated after five fights.

But out of the ring, her regular life continues.

Motu wakes up at 5am each morning and feeds her kids before she heads to the first of her two daily trainings at lunchtime.

The school pick-up run follows, before she heads back to the gym for her second training session of the day.

"It's like my second home," Motu laughed.

Now her eyes are set on a big future.

Her plan is to win the national lightweight title then conquer the world.

It may have come later than expected, but better late than never.