Black Sticks men and women turn into essential service workers

Rather than mulling over an uncertain future, the Black Sticks men's and women's sides have gone on the offensive in a good way, offering themselves as essential service workers during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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With hockey off the table, New Zealand's best are delivering to those in need. Source: 1 NEWS

George Muir, Jared Panchia and Richard Joyce are helping out as delivery workers, dropping off medicines in place of regular drivers over the age of 70.

The trio is working long hours to ensure that everyone gets what they need during the lockdown.

"The show must go on," Muir tells 1 NEWS.

"The people still need their drugs so we're going to retirement villages and nursing homes, but also to isolation patients as well who can't get to the pharmacies."

"Obviously, we've not got too much to do," adds goalkeeper Joyce.

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"We can't play any hockey, so it's actually a really good opportunity to just help."

Black Sticks women's midfielder Tarryn Davey is another player helping out one of the many pharmacists in New Zealand braving the frontlines of this pandemic.

"We've been under the pump for sure," Davey says.

"It's been a pretty crazy few weeks. Definitely last week before the lockdown it was some really long days and everyone's been working really long days."

With hockey unlikely to resume any time soon, New Zealand's best might be out of action for a while to come. However, helping those in need is more than enough to keep them going.