Bear sighted at Olympics softball and baseball stadium

A bear appears to have ignored the ban on spectators at the Olympics.

An Olympic worker watches as the Australian women's softball team train at Azuma Baseball Stadium ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Source: Associated Press

Japanese media reported a bear was seen by guards early Wednesday at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium before Japan and Australia's softball teams met in the opening event of the Olympics.

Fukushima is about 240 kilometres north of the main Olympic sites in Tokyo. Local media reported it was an Asian black bear.

“I woke up to text messages asking, is this real? There's a big black bear, saying that it got on the field, it got in the area and it's on the loose. And I felt, what? This is crazy. No way," shortstop Amanda Chidester said after singling in the run in the Americans’ 1-0 win over Canada today.

"And then one of the girls on our team said: `Yeah, did you hear about the bear? It was on the news.' So I was able to report back to my family and say it was, in fact, true, that there was a bear in the area.”

There was no sighting of the bear during either Wednesday or today's tripleheaders.

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Japan got their Olympics off to the perfect start two days before the opening ceremony with an 8-1 win in Fukushima. Source: TVNZ

“As we were driving up today, we were actually looking to see if we could find another bear,” US coach Ken Eriksen said.