Aussie racehorses wrongfully sent to slaughterhouse, investigation uncovers

A two-year ABC investigation has revealed allegations hundreds of Australian racehorses are being sent to the slaughterhouse in contravention of racing rules.

The ABC says Racing Australia's official data claims around 34 horses every year end up at slaughterhouses - a figure amounting to less than one per cent of retiring racehorses.

However, the national broadcaster says a two-year investigation, culminating in a report that aired on yesterday's edition of 7.30, shows the number is much higher.

Elio Celotto from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses told the ABC that about 4000 racehorses had been killed in one abbatoir alone.

Animal welfare and behaviour scientist Professor Paul McGreevy told the ABC there was no way the racing industry could defend the behaviour.

"This is a clear breach of everything the industry has told us," he said.

The investigation also aired accusations of multiple instances of animal cruelty at the slaughterhouses racehorses are being sent to.

The ABC says despite racing's peak body implementing rules requiring the registration and tracking of horses from their birth to their retirement, racehorses are still being killed in slaughterhouses on a weekly basis

Racing NSW CEO Peter V'landys tod the ABC he was not aware of any NSW racehorses being sent to slaughterhouses.

However, he said if it is occurring the state body would "put the full force of the law" against offenders.

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